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Part opera, part environmental event, The Promise Opera, is a space for social change, encouraging its audience to come together to take personal and collective action on the climate crisis. The Promise leaps naturally into operatic adaptation; at its heart it is a story about a lost girl who finds herself. Her transformation and that of the city and people surrounding her through the seeds she plants, speaks powerfully through operatic development, her growth and the blossoming of nature.

At the heart of the production was a collective goal to create this piece as ethically as possible. Our commitment to being as green as possible meant we sourced fabrics from deadstock wholesalers, recycled set pieces from the National Theatre resisted buying brand new materials and toured in an electric van.  


Handpicked Productions, National Tour

Writer: Nicola Davies

Director: Lucy Bradley

Composer: Danny Saleeb

Production Designer: Sascha Gilmour

Production Manager: Vivienne Clavering

Producers: Anne Timpson and Tamzin Aitken

Photography: Alex Brenner

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