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the vacuum cleaner and Collaborators, for they let in the light (2022) 

Produced and commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery, London

Design: Sascha Gilmour 

Mental health practitioner: Fox Irving

Producers: Seth Pimlott, Amina Jama + Oscar Abdulla 

Photos: Anna Howell and Oscar Abdulla 

For They Let in the Light is a collaboration with artist, the vacuum cleaner, Caroline Moore and the young people and staff at Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health in Newham, East London. 

Together, they spent the spring of 2021 exploring the question, 'why are so many young people struggling with their mental health?' 

After writing, creating film, stories, dancing and playing music, I came on board along with mental health nurse and artist, Fox Irving to support the team in creating a live sharing of this work that aimed to be: 'messy, weird, from the heart, angry, honest, tender, fragile, complex, about mental health or not about mental health, urgent, necessary, and silly'

I designed the space based on conversations with the young people and incorporated warm lighting, soft blankets, squishy bean bags, fidget toys and hot water bottles to embrace you as you experience the piece.

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