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Hot in Here

‘We’re fighting because we love so much… We're fighting for the survival of our species. We’re fighting for the survival of the most marginalised people, the majority of people, because that’s what climate justice is about’ – Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Climate Justice Activist, the Philippines


A protest. A theatre show. An energy-generating dance party. 


Made from interviews with young climate advocates across the globe, HOT IN HERE celebrates action for international climate justice, and the UK’s place within it. Facing droughts, typhoons, hurricanes and heatwaves, we hear from young people on the frontlines of the climate crisis who are leading campaigns, protecting land, advising governments, building an intersectional movement, and working with their communities.


Featuring the first energy-harvesting dancefloor in live theatre, HOT IN HERE is an all-embracing whirlwind bringing people together to imagine a more equitable future for our planet.

Pigfoot Theatre, Gate Theatre

Devised and performed by Leanne Henlon, Jade Franks and Tatenda Matsvai

Director: Hetty Hodgson

Producer: Camille Koosyial

Set and Costume Designer: Sascha Gilmour

Lighting Designer and Dancefloor Designer: Jack Hathaway

Sound Designer: Esther Kehinde Ajayi 

Movement Director: Yassmin V. Foster

Caption and Video Designer: Douglas Baker

Stage Manager: Lauren Lambert Moore

Dramaturg: Phillipe Cato

Access Consultant: Kate Lovell

Set Maker: Tom Mills

Originally devised by Justina Kehinde, AK Golding, Keziah Joseph, with dramaturgy form Nicole Acquah.

Photography: Tasha Best

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