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This is a show about food banks, this is not a show about food. This is a rally. This is an emergency. This is a clowning show. 

Combining verbatim, electronic dance music, clowning, physical theatre and projection mapping, Ugly Bucket sounds the alarm on the foodbank crisis in the UK in a huge, explosive, emotional minefield of a show.

But it's more than just a show. When you get a ticket to STUFFED you are invited to a pre show meal. Food is time. Post show, a panel discussion featuring individuals and organisations who can provide further insight and empowerment to unite against this crisis together. 


Ugly Bucket at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Co-Director: Rachael Smart & Grace Gallagher

Devisers: Jess Huckleberry, Angelina Cliff, Canice Ward, Grace Gallagher, Duncan Gallagher

Production Designer: Sascha Gilmour

Projection Designer: Focal Studios

Lighting Designer: Liz Barker

Lighting Associate: Charly Dunford

Stage Manager: Kaila Sharps

Photography: Jack Ehlen

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