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Move Fast and Break Things

Move Fast and Break Things is a miniature epic that explores the vastness of the data we leave behind through an intimate search for the person most responsible for how the internet works today, using movement, projection and soundscapes.

Amit Patel was a data scientist at a company called Google.

In 2002, he noticed something secret, hidden in all of our data. What did he discover, and was it the reason he disappeared? 

The search for someone takes place across worlds - real and online - and as the boundaries between the two begin to collapse, we race towards an impossible, tragic conclusion.

Freight Theatre, Camden Peoples Theatre & Edinburgh Fringe

Artistic Directors: Alex Rugman & Luke Wintour

Devisers & Performers: AK Golding & Julia Pilkington

Production Designer: Sascha Gilmour

Lighting Designer: Jonathan Chan

Projection Design: Dan Light

Sound Designer: Sarah Spencer

Photography: Gavin Smart

Produced by: Grace Dickson Productions

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