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Balmy Army is project made by people with lived experience of mental health struggles. Young people, artists, madpride organisers, radical dreamers, disability justice doers and everyone else trying to cope have come together.

Over a year, Balmy Army have created writing, drawings, dreams, knowledge, poetry, placards, social media takeovers and civil disobedience. This has accumulated in an exhibition at HOME. A space to play, plan protests, hold performances and get involved.

Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, supporting someone who is, work in mental health or you’re just curious, Balmy Army reminds us that mental health isn’t just about individuals – and that community, care and creativity are some of our greatest ways to heal.

Through imagining what good mental health feels like, looks like, tastes like, smells like and sounds like, I designed Balmy Army's exhibition space to ignite action, reflection, resting, snacking, daydreaming and collective action. 

A movement for youth-led mental health. This is art and activism rolled into one show.

Manchester International Festival and HOME


Balmy Army is made by over 80 young people from Greater Manchester, with the vacuum cleaner, Kevin Edward Turner, Lizzie Chapman, Toni-Dee, Caz Hughes, Evyn Seaton-Mooney, Rory Aaron, Rosalyne Norford, Gráinne Flynn, Cara Looij, Sascha Gilmour, Charlie Clark, HOME, Factory International, Contact, 42nd Street, Gorse Hill Studios and the Hope and Horizon Wards at Fairfield Hospital.

Designed by Sascha Gilmour

Photography: Andrew Brooks

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