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Madlove Take Over

This design was based upon Madlove - a project to creative positive spaces to experience mental distress. Research workshops completed as part of the project informed our design process in creating a space in St Helens.

Our intention was to bring nature inside. With branches hanging throughout the space, cork tiles covering pillars, a live edge cut pine table, hanging dried lavender, birdsong played on vinyl and warm colours, we invited St Helens inside.

Produced by Heart of Glass, the vacuum cleaner and Arts Admin, the annual Take Over in St Helens became Madlove Take Over in 2019.

Labelled as the suicide capital of England and Wales, designers and artists came together with the community in St Helens to transform an old Argos shop into a warm, cosy and friendly space to drink tea, hold activities, workshops, film screenings, conversation and care.

Co-design: the vacuum cleaner & Sascha Gilmour

Photography: Stephen King

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