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Santi & Naz

Santi & Naz is about two female best friends living in a small village in India between 1945 & 1947. It explores childhood, friendship and loyalty set against the backdrop of a country soon to be changed forever by its partition. When Naz is betrothed to an older man, the threat of separation for the young women looms large on the horizon. As the political situation worsens they make a decision to take drastic action. We presented a historical moment through a modern lens, exploring universal lived experiences of young love and familial expectations.

VAULT Festival 2020

Produced by The Thelmas 

Written by Guleraana Mir & Afshan D'souza-Lodhi

Directed by Madaleine Moore

Set & Costume by Sascha Gilmour

Lighting Design by Rajiv Pattani

Sound Design by Sarah Sayeed

Photography: Steve Gregson

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